How to Reduce the Target Count in Quickbooks to under 350,000 to upload to Quickbooks Online?

Reduce Quickbooks Target Count to under 350,000 or 750,000

To convert a Quickbooks desktop file (Enterprise, Premier, or Pro) to Quickbooks Online, the Desktop file must have less than 350,000 targets (now 750,000 for later versions of Quickbooks). *1


What is a target?

A target is essentially a detail line or item line in a transaction. For example, if you had an invoice with 10 lines, it would take up 10 targets.

Targets of a transaction

The Targets of a Quickbooks transaction provides detailed information about the transaction and includes the target accounts, target names, target memos, target amounts, etc. Some characteristics of the Targets are:

  • Transactions usually have multiple targets
  • There are a few transaction types that can have only one target (i.e. Payment, Transfer).
  • Each element of the target data set can appear multiple times in the transaction.
  • In some transactions, the source data is copied into the target data:
    • In an invoice, the target names are always copied from the source name.
    • In an invoice, the target numbers are always copied from the source number.

    The maximum number of targets you can have in your data file is 350,000 before you can upload it to QBO.

    So, what if your data file has more than 350k targets? First, how do you find the number of targets in a data file? 

    To check the target count in your data file, open your QuickBooks Desktop company file and access Product Information by pressing the F2 key on the keyboard (For mac, press CMD +1 on your keyboard). Quickbooks will then display a window with the total target count.

    How to reduce the target count in Quickbooks?

    To reduce the target count, you can condense or SuperCondense the data file. A condense or SuperCondense will remove all closed transactions prior to the cutoff date to reduce the target count. Files with inventory do not condense and a SuperCondense is required in such cases. A SuperCondense will also be required if your data file does not condense normally or if you are using an international version of Quickbooks such as Quickbooks Canada or Quickbooks UK.

    More Information:

    Quickbooks SuperCondense is an independent service provider of QB Database Conversion, Condense and Repair services, and is not affiliated with Intuit.
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