IPP Error Codes

IPP Error Codes Listing

The following are IPP error codes.   The Error Code column of the tables list the values of the code attribute of the Error element. 

Error Code Summary


General Meaning

0Success Response
1-499Authorization and Authentication Error Codes
500-599Unsupported Error Codes
600-1999General Error Codes
2000-4999Validation Error Codes
5000-9999Specific Error Codes
10000+Severe Error Codes

Success Response

Error CodeMessageExplanation
0SuccessSuccess Response

Authorization and Authentication Error Codes



General Authentication Error

AuthenticationErrorGeneral : XXX


Authentication OAuth Error

AuthenticationOAuthError: XXX


Authorization Failure

AuthorizationFailure : XXX, statusCode: XXX


Accessing Wrong Cluster

WrongClusterError: XXX , statusCode: XXX


Company Locked Out

CompanyLockedOut: XXX , statusCode: XXX


Company Under Maintenance

CompanyUnderMaintenance: XXX , statusCode: XXX

Unsupported Error Codes

Error Code



500Unsupported operation requestedUnsupported operation requested

General Error Codes

Error CodeMessageExplanation
600RequestId already exists in the system, duplicate request is detectedRequestId is duplicate and already exists int the system
610ID requested for the object does not exists in the systemID could not be found
620Transaction ID sent in the request can't be supportedTransaction ID supplied with the request can not be linked
630Already object with some properties exist and it violates the unique constraint of the objectFor example, Name already exists for a customer
700Parent referred is not valid referenceParent referenced in the request is not valid
800Object cannot be deleted due to dependencies not deletedObject cannot be deleted because other objects refer to them
1000Operation failed, see details for errorObject operation failed, see detailed error message
1010Object creation failed, see details for errorObject creation failed, detailed error message gives the details
1020Object update failed, see details for errorObject update failed, detailed error message
1040Batch Size Exceeds Allowed LimitBatchsizeistoobig,TheBatchLimitis XXXBatchItemRequests,requestedbatchhas XXXBatchItemRequests
1050Invalid Content TypeThis is used when v3 messages are sent through Java Message Service queue. We support either XML or JSON format.

Validation Error Codes

Error CodeMessageExplanation
2000Invalid object name in the requestInvalid or unsupported object name in the API
2010Invalid Field Name in the RequestRequest has invalid or unsupported field
2020Invalid Request due to Required Param is missingRequired param missing, need to supply the required value for the API
2030Invalid ID formatID format available in the request in not supported
2040Invalid StringString contains unsupported chars
2050Invalid String LengthString length exceeds the supported length by the specification
2060Invalid date formatDate format is not accepted by the API
2070Invalid dateDate supplied is invalid, the format may be correct but value is not supported by the API
2080Invalid Number formatNumber format supplied is invalid
2090Invalid NumberNumber supplied may be correct form but value is not supported by the API
2100Invalid decimal formatDecimal format supplied is invalid
2110Invalid decimalDecimal supplied may be correct form but value is not supported by the API
2120Invalid typeType is not compatible or supported by the API
2130Invalid request id formatThe format of request Id is invalid and not supported by the API
2140Invalid Amount valueAmount value supplied is not supported by the API
2150Invalid Percent valueInvalid percent value, not supported by the API
2160Invalid Quantity valueInvalid quantity value, not supported by the API
2170Invalid enumeration valueInvalid enumeration value, not supported by the API
2180Invalid string rangeInvalid String range (don't know what it is but QBD needs it)
2190Invalid date rangeInvalid date range


Malformed Website Address Format

Web Site URL does not have correct format. Supplied value:XXX


Invalid Email Address Format

Email Address does not conform to the syntax rules of RFC 822. Supplied value:XXX


Invalid Currency Type

The currency type specified is not valid.


Invalid Boolean

The boolean value specified is not valid.


Invalid Number Range

The number specified is not in the valid range. Supplied value: XXX


Missing lines

You must fill out at least one split line.



Posting Type is required and valid values are Credit or Debit



TaxApplicableOn is required and valid values are Credit or Debit



Tax amount is required when TaxCodeRef is applied



Negative amount not supported on a transaction line



Please balance your debits and credits

2500Object ID for the Referenced field is invalid, pl see details for more infoReferenced object like ItemReference ID in Invoice is not valid
2600Conflict elements found in the requestConflict element found in the request causing validation error
3000Custom Field specified is not valid for this objectInvalid or non-existent custom field
3001This client has made too many consecutive requests over too short a period of time. Please wait a short amount of time before attempting to submit again.This client has made too many consecutive requests over too short a period of time.
4000Parsing found query contains invalid stringQuery string is invalid, see details
4001The query is invalidQueryValidationError: XXX
4002The query could not be processed due to unexpected errorsQueryProcessingError: XXX

Specific Error Codes

Error CodeMessage Explanation
5000Deprecated field is used in the requestDeprecated field is used in the request
5010Request for update of stale objectStale object requested for update, client needs to refresh the object
5020You do not have permission to access this feature.You have issued a request against a feature for which your product is not entitled. For example, Purchase Order creation is available only in QBO Plus. If you try to create a PurchaseOrder object in a QBO SKU otherwise not entitled, this message is returned.
5030Feature Not SupportedRequested feature is not supported.


Business Validation Error

BusinessValidationError: XXX


Invalid Account.AccountType && Account.SubType

Either an Account.AccountType or an Account.AccountSubType must be specified


Content length missing in request

We cannot find the content-length header in the request


Upload request size exceeds allowed limit

The file upload request should not exceed 100MB in size. The current request size is XXX


The file metadata must be of Attachable type

The file metadata submitted must be of Attachable type. Supplied Type: XXX, request parameter: XXX.


The entity reference type is unsupported for Attachable

The entity reference type XXX is unsupported for Attachable


Account.OpenBalanceDate must be specified with Account.OpenBalance

An Account.OpenBalanceDate is required when specifying an Account.OpenBalance


Amount calculation incorrect in the request

Amount is not equal to Qty * UnitPrice. Supplied value:XXX


No Name Provided

Title, GivenName, MiddleName, FamilyName, DisplayName, Suffix - one of these must be non-empty


Discount Line missing required info.

Discount amount or percent should be provided.


Invalid Line TaxCode in the request

Valid Line TaxCodes for US should be TAX or NON. Supplied value:XXX


MAS Transaction cannot be updated

The requested transaction cannot be updated since its a MAS transaction


MAS Transaction cannot be deleted

The requested transaction cannot be deleted since its a MAS transaction


Cannot change who customer bills with

You cannot change who this customer bills with because there are invoices for the parent that include charges for this customer, or there are payments from the parent that pay off invoices for this customer. Delete all payments or invoices to this customer's parent which link to this customer.


Duplicate Doc Num

You must specify a different number. This number has already been used.


ParentRef Required Validation Error

ParentRef is required or not if XXX is true of false.


Invalid TaxCodeRef Error

'CustomSalesTax' id cannot be used for creating a transaction.


Invalid TxnTaxDetail Error

TxnTaxDetail not allowed when GlobalTaxCalculation is set to NotApplicable.


Sub Level Limit

You can only nest 5 levels deep.


Invalid Company Status Error

Subscription period has ended or canceled or there was a billing problem : You can't add data to QuickBooks Online Plus because your trial or subscription period ended, you canceled your subscription, or there was a billing problem. To see or change your subscription status, click 'Your Account' at the upper-right of the screen, and click on Resubscribe link or contact your administrator. See QBO Subscription Status for more information.


Account Period Closed Error

The account period has closed


Account Period Closed Required Password Error

The account period has closed. Please provide password to update the account.


Delete Entity Has Balance Error

The entity you are trying to delete has an open balance.


Invalid TaxCodeRef Error

Cannot update transaction to use CustomSalesTax id.


Duplicate Name Exists Error

The name supplied already exists. XXX



The customer you have specified has been deleted. XXX



Transactions with inventory (QOH) products can't be dated earlier than the 'Inventory Start Date' for the product


Delete Customer Has Unbilled Expenses Error

Cannot delete Customer. : This $$customer$$ cannot be deleted because there are unbilled charges for this $$customer$$.



Employee or Vendor need to be provided. Both cannot be present. XXX



Invalid or missing name. Should be Employee or Vendor. XXX



Customer required if billable: XXX



Invalid billable status: XXX



Invalid hourly rate: XXX



Time (hours:minutes) needs to be provided : XXX



Time (hours:minutes) missing: XXX



Please enter a valid Start time and End time. Also, make sure Break time isn't longer than the elapsed time. XXX



Start time is after End time: XXX



The time duration is not in the valid range : XXX



Invalid multiple time durations. Provide either hours:minutes or start time, endtime XXX


Deleting linked Purchase results in invalid Invoice

The purchase cannot be deleted as it would make the invoice, it is linked to, invalid.


Email address is required.

Since delivery type is email, an email address is required for this customer.


Invalid account type used

Invalid account type: XXX


Transaction Detail Information Required

You must select a product/service or an account for each split line with either an amount or a billable customer.


Attempt to Void Transaction failed

Transaction has already settled, so you can no longer void it


Invoice MAS Transaction Deposit Amount mismatch

Invoice deposit amount XXX and credit card amount YYY do not match

7001No destination found for given partition key: errorCode=xxx; statusCode=400The subscription for the subject companyID has expired and all data has been removed. See QBO Subscription Status for more information.
9018 OLB Account numbers doesn't match The QBO Account with Id {0} you are trying to use is connected to a different FI
9019 Not OLB Partner AccountThe QBO Account with Id {0} was not connected with the current FI partner. So can't disable the previous connection
9020 Invalid OLB Status Input The Input {0} is invalid or doesn't meet the requirements
9021 Already OLB Partner Account The QBO Account with Id {0} is already connected with the current FI partner

Severe Error Codes

Error CodeMessageExplanation
10000An application error has occured while processing your request.System Failure Error: XXX
10100Result set of query is too bigResult could not be returned as the result set is large
10200Company has been reset, requests for CUD is stalecompany reset occurred
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