Merging QuickBooks Online Company Data files

How to Merge QBO data files into a single Quickbooks Data file?

The decision to merge company files in QuickBooks Online could be the one of several.

Multiple QuickBooks data files need to be consolidated into one single file, switching to QuickBooks Online, and need to merge data files prior to converting, or combining data that was initially entered into more than one file.

The ability to merge two company data files into one company is not available in QuickBooks Online at the moment and in order to do so, you would have to manually input the data into the company you want to keep. At present, the feature to merge reports is only available in the Enterprise version of QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks offers two simple methods to identify related data: classes and types. Classes are used in transactions, whereas types are assigned to individual customers, vendors, and jobs. An example of how you might use classes is to separate transactions that relate to different departments, locations, or types of business.

QuickBooks Repair Pro’s file merge service guarantees the transfer of data from multiple company files into a single company file. The service includes adding classes to all transactions in each company file which can be used for reporting purposes. The merged file is then audited to ensure all transactions were merged correctly.

It is important to remember that prior to merging two QuickBooks Online companies, each dataset would need to be converted to a Desktop version of QuickBooks first. The files would then need to be uploaded to a new QuickBooks Online file.  

The merged desktop file can be uploaded back to the QuickBooks Online only if the account has not been active for more than 60 days. If the account is older than 60 days, you would need Intuit’s permission to upload the merged data back to the original QuickBooks Online account.

Additional pointers before merging QuickBooks Files:

  • Accounts can only be merged if they have same name, type and same gradable level.
  • Accounts will not be merged if they are at different levels (for example: “cable” account cannot be combined with “cable” sub-account), if they are spelled differently or have different account numbers.

Data that cannot be merged include:

  • Payroll checks. These will transfer over as regular checks and will not appear in your payroll reports
  • Sales tax items and sales tax groups that were modified after they were initially used
  • Any data files with group items that were changed after they were initially used
  • Negative inventory does not merge accurately due to insufficient quantities


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