Quickbooks Error Codes

How to resolve common Quickbooks Errors

Quickbooks Error Code List

  • LVL_ERROR--Orphan payee found in Online cache
  • Online payee name does not match actual payee name
  • An error occured in VerifyPriceRulesDeletedRuleToItem
  • Sum of item xxx on item site table not match quantity on hand stored at item
  • Error: Verify Target: Inventory Transfer target does not match the target with which it's paired.

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We work with all versions of Quickbooks from DOS version 1.0 to Quickbooks Enterprise/Premier/Pro/Pro Plus 2016. We also work with all international versions of Quickbooks: Quickbooks US, Quickbooks Canada, Quickbooks UK, Quickbooks Australia and NZ (ReckonAccounts).

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  • Guaranteed success, or no charge
  • US$449 flat fee

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Quickbooks Repair Service (Standard):

  • Turnaround time is 48 hours
  • Guaranteed success, or no charge
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