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Quickbooks Error Codes

I am getting the runtime error 1601 2013. What can I do to fix this error? This occurs when I try to download the R8 product update.

This error may be caused by a firewall blocking access to some of the QuickBooks components in your computer or there is a damaged .net component. To solve this issue, you need to restart the computer and uninstall or clean install QuickBooks. Then repair Microsoft .NET framework and perform clean install. Open a sample file in QuickBooks and from the Help menu, Update QuickBooks and then update your QuickBooks now. Now you need to close the program and run it again. Click Install Now on the QuickBooks Update Service window.

How can I register my QuickBooks? I was asked to register QuickBooks and when I typed my phone number as well as postal code, it showed that the information does not match with the info. What should be done?

Go to your QuickBooks window and click on Help in the QuickBooks window. Select the option for About QuickBooks and you will see a green product window. Press CTRL+R+P and enter and enter the validation code that you received. If you do not have the code then you should call 866-676-9666 for help and assistance.

I am getting the error code 15107

This kind of error is caused by damaged QuickBooks registry entries or a damaged QuickBooks being updated. To fix this, delete and download your update for QuickBooks again. Then rename the DownloadQBxx folder to DownloadQBxx.OLD and open QuickBooks. Select the Help menu and choose the option for updating QuickBooks. Then click on the Update Tab and reset the updates. Get updates button should be clicked and then once the update is completed, close QuickBooks and open is again. Now you need to click on Install Now button and this is fixing your issue.

I am getting the error “Intuit Sync Manager Error code: 17_7113” when I try to sync and it is not complete.

This might be occurring because of an internal error which prevented the Intuit Sync Manager to download and make changes to your application. You can fix this by ensuring that the QuickBooks application should be updated to latest release and the Intuit Sync Manager should be up to date as well. If you have both of them, try to sync again later.

How can I import files from Desktop computer version into QuickBooks version online?

Since you are using the newest version of QuickBooks Online, click on the “gear” icon which will be present on the upper right hand corner and then select “Import Desktop Data” which will allow you to solve your issue, just follow the instructions and the data will be imported.

My paychecks after IIF import show the blank address when addresses are already present in QuickBooks. How can I fix it?

You are trying to import a complete transaction so there is no populated data like there would be if you created this using QuickBooks own interface. Some users do not save the addresses into QuickBooks because it can be only text for the check. Feed it back to the Payee records and QuickBooks will find and populate the data for you.

When I tried to import a statement, QuickBooks make me do an Account Association. Why?

This might be caused because the bank might have changed something in their file and QuickBooks which no longer associates and connects with the setup of the accounts. Account setup for online banking will not show the list when a new file type in imported.

I need to import credit card transactions. How can I do it?

You might already have the credit card set up for online banking so open the charts of accounts and then select the Credit Card Account and further click on Activate online banking.

Windows Server 2008 Firewall is messing with my QuickBooks 2010. If the firewall is enabled, QB does not connect to database and verify the multi user mode. Can someone provide me with the recommended settings to run QB properly without disabling anything?

Go to the following link and download the tool:

What this tool does is that it opens few additional ports in your windows server that are also added to the exceptions of the firewall. So in this way, other users can easily connect to your QB without disabling the firewall.

Specific QuickBooks Error codes

Error 0x80040404 - indicates that the version of QuickBooks currently running does not support 3rd party applications connecting to it, please confirm that you meet the Quickbooks Bridge System Requirements 0x80040409 - indicates that the version of QuickBooks currently running cannot work with the provided data file 0x8004040A - indicates that the data file already open is different from the requested one. 0x80040154 & 0x800401f3- indicates a permission error to access QuickBooks via an application 0x8004041c & 0x800401f3 - If you are running 64bit windows then please try with UAC switched off qbXML components have not been installed - please follow these instructions provided by Intuit.

Creating or modifying this transaction will cause one or more builds to become pending.

One or more of the items doesn't have sufficient quantity to sell.
If you want to proceed with this transaction, click Mark Pending to save your changes. You can check the Pending Builds Report to see which builds are pending.

Errors during Quickbooks condense

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: QBW32.EXE
abnormal program termination

"Condense discovered some errors in your company file, and will NOT condense your file at this time. The company file should be fixed, if possible, using 'File\Utilities\Rebuild Data' before trying to condense."

Database Errors

Unrecoverable error: 00000 16844
Runtime Error!
Program: QBW32.EXE
abnormal program termination

dbspecificerrorhandler.cpp (66) : MESSAGE: 7828: Wed Oct 08 13:59:45 LVL_ERROR--DB error -615 ErrorMessage:'Parameter 'numRec' not found in procedure 'GetNextRecNum'' from file:'src\sadbsess.cpp' at line 7056 from function:'SADBSession::GetManyAvailableRecNums'
An error occured in VerifyPriceRulesDeletedRuleToItem : -300 - "Run time SQL error -- ???".

Error in reload.sql at line. The file is invalid when the disk sandbox feature is enabled for database

The solution to fix this error code is to update Quickbooks to the most current release of Quickbooks.

Verify Stuck Paychecks

VerifyStuckPaychecks.cpp (182) : CHECKPOINT: X paychecks, dated earlier than 2017/01/01, which were not sent to Intuit Payroll service.

Solution: Use Quickbooks Data Recovery to remove the stuck paychecks from Quickbooks.

Quickbooks File Truncation

The Quickbooks file is truncated and is 0 bytes in size.

Solution: Use Quickbooks Data Recovery to recover data from Quickbooks using the TLG file.

Transfer Of Credits Error

Error: Verify ToC: Verify has failed due to an error under Transfer of Credits, related to the following transactions. Ensure that all entries are rectified before proceeding for Rebuild.

Solution: Use Quickbooks Data Recovery for File Repair.

Other Quickbooks Errors and Solutions

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