Xero to Quickbooks Conversion

Guaranteed conversion service from Xero to Quickbooks!
Do you need to migrate from Xero to QuickBooks? Do you want to convert all lists and transaction history? Look no further, we have done this successfully several times!
Xero to Quickbooks Data Migration

We offer an industry-standard Xero to Quickbooks Premier, Pro, Accountant, Enterprise, or Quickbooks Online conversion. All versions of Xero can be migrated to Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online with 100% accuracy. The conversion will guarantee the Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, and Balance sheets in Quickbooks will exactly match your Xero data. All other financial reports including Aging A/R, Aging A/P will match as well. This is a full conversion of all lists and all historical transactions.

The following is a list of what is converted:

  • Invoices
  • Customer Payments
  • Credit Memo
  • Sales Receipts
  • Bills
  • Vendor Credits
  • Vendor Payments
  • Checks
  • Journal Entries
  • Item Receipts
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Liability Adjustments
  • Paychecks (as Journal Entries)***
  • Payroll Liability Checks
  • Sales Tax Payments
  • Transfers
  • *All transactions are converted as Journal Entries except Invoices. Transactions are downloaded directly from the Xero API. There may be multiple transactions for every transaction since the API provides details of all modifications to the transaction. Invoices incompatible with the conversion or Quickbooks are imported as Journal Entries. You can request a post-conversion exception report of Invoices converted as Journal Entries.

    **Classes are not converted for transactions that are not compatible with Quickbooks (such as journal entries with multiple A/P or A/R accounts that are not supported by Quickbooks). Classes are not converted by default and you need to request to convert tracking categories to classes prior to the conversion.

    ** Since the transactions downloaded into QuickBooks Online may not link the invoices with their respective payments, you may notice names that have zero balances in your A/R and A/P aging reports. We will send you instructions to fix the unlinked transactions.

    ***Payroll transactions are transferred to Quickbooks as regular checks because Quickbooks does not allow payroll data to be transferred and will not appear on payroll reports or W2 calculations. You will need to update employee YTD information into the Quickbooks data file after the conversion.

    Note: If you are converting to Quickbooks Online (QBO), the conversion will overwrite all existing data in your QBO account. Do not enter any data into QBO if you are requesting a conversion to QBO.

    What is not converted?

    We currently only convert the core accounting information and not the following data types:

    How it works?

    The conversion process is simple and is outlined below. We also offer an expedited conversion service.

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