Quickbooks Condense: What does the Quickbooks Condense do?

Learn about what the Quickbooks condense utility actually does.

The Quickbooks condense operation condenses closed transactions into summary journal entries. If any list items are not used, they are deleted from Quickbooks (lists: customers, employees, vendors).

Transactions that are not removed from Quickbooks:

The condense operation does not remove all transactions in a date range. The following transactions are not removed.

  1. Payroll transactions if an employee’s W2 was not reviewed.
  2. Payroll transactions if the condense date is before 12/31/yyyy.
  3. Transaction types: Invoices, Payments, Credit memos and Refund Checks not properly linked to each other.
  4. Transaction types: Bills, Bill Credits and Bill Payment Checks not properly linked to each other.
  5. Payments recorded to Undeposited Funds that you have not deposited to a bank account.
  6. Estimates linked to invoices.
  7. Sales tax not paid in Pay Sales Tax. Paying sales tax with checks leaves invoices open. Replace checks with sales tax payments. Be sure to enter the same dates and amounts as on the checks. You will have to reconcile the sales tax payments.
  8. Transactions linked to a non-condensable transaction. Suppose you enter an invoice for 12/15/2013, then enter a payment on 1/15/2014 and then run the CDU through 12/31/2003. The payment is not condensed because it is outside the condense period and the invoice is not condensed because it is linked to a transaction that is not condensed.

Other Notes:

  1. Serial Numbers in condensed transactions will be permanently lost. (They are preserved in the copy of your company file made before condensing.)

If you have any problems condensing your data file, use a service to repair Quickbooks Condense Issues to fix the underlying issues or quickbooks error codes.

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